Top Must Fashion Items Woman Should Own

Your wadrobe is like your own treasure. You put clothes and dress with any material fabric or any fashion masterpiece inside. As you know fashion always turn, always change, also inside your treasure chest. Maybe some of you will constantly change the things inside the chest or maybe some of you not usually do that. But somehow, many fashion people said 60% of things inside your wardrobe is basic things which everlasting and 40% is the trend. I'll tell you some of items every woman should own and keep it in their wardrobe.

1. The Little Black Dress

Very gratefull for Coco Channel who made these beautiful masterpiece. Little Black Dress is the one of most beautiful items that I adore so much. You can never go wrong with black. You can use LBD in every era, every time, every trend. Don't know what to wear in your first party event? Wear LBD! Want to make a dress to tailor and don't know which model? Make LBD! Little Black Dress is the dress that you should own in your wardrobe. LBD is simple, chic, elegant and versatile.

2.  Denim

I think the most of you will definately have denim. Yes, denim it's all of time item. The most easy, simple, chic item. You can wear denim with every top you have. Fit it with t-shirt, blouse, blazer, sweater.

3. Blazer

You could get one tailor-made, or buy one off the rack and take it to an alterations shop to get some small modifications to make it the perfect fit. Choose with basic colour first like black, white or cream. Really have a bad look day? Put blazer into your simple look and voila you turn to be stylish.

4. White Blouse

You don't want to use a general t-shirt or tank top in a sunny day? Use white blouse with cool material. In a day you can use it with short, in a night put it with nice skirt.

Alexa Chung in White Blouse

5. Black Legging

If you think your skirt is too short or you think you're not in the mood to use short, but the skirt and the short is so cute. Just put black legging behind it. Black legging is your guardian to keep you safe. I means the strecth material and the colour is safe. Comfort and safe. 

6. Tailored Pants

Last but not least is tailored pants. Someday you will come to the more serious occasions or an official meeting. Or see someone important. You can't use black legging or jeans. Tailored pants is the basic formal items you should have. 


Don't worry to invest more money to those items. Because it can use over and over again. Don't buy the cheap one. At least make those item the valuable things in your treasure chest.
So, ready to buy all of them?

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